Jerry DeRoche (pictured above) is the co-founder of Yorkie House of Hearts as well as Florida Yorkie Rescue. We call Jerry our resident "yorkie whisperer" as he tends to be able to calm down the new arrivals and make them feel safe and cared for. His wife Kit says, "A man with a bigger heart I have never known." Together they are praying that Yorkie House of Hearts will become a reality in the not too distant future.
Dr. Mary Rose Bressman went to the University of Florida where she recieved a bachelor of science in Animal Science and a doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  After practicing Veterinary Medicine for 3 years in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, she and her husband Dr. Rich moved back to Stuart.  They own "All Creatures Animal Hospital" at 5855 South Kanner Highway in Stuart, Florida.  Dr. Mary loves practicing and also having flexibility to care for her 3 children.  Dr. Mary is a certified canine rehabilitation therapist.

Yorkie House of Hearts is grateful to have Dr. Mary join our Board.
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The mission of YORKIE HOUSE OF HEARTS is to provide a sanctuary for yorkies that may be too old for adoption. Yorkie House will accept senior Yorkshire Terriers regardless of age. We pledge to promote responsible pet ownership through education and to provide a loving environment and quality medical treatment for all the seniors that are in our permanent care if a new loving adoptive family cannot be found.

My husband Jerry and I have been rescuing yorkies for almost 10 years and it is heartbreaking to us every time we receive an email from a shelter with yet another senior yorkie that has been surrendered. Sometimes they are found dumped in the streets or surrendered by their owners but more often than not, a family member has died and the surviving family has no wish to continue to provide care for the senior pet. Because the owner did not provide a Pet Trust or leave their precious pet in their Will, provisions and decisions were not made. It is heartbreaking.

We have always had a soft spot in our hearts for the seniors because they have the "deck stacked against them" and many of them do not make it out of shelters alive. 

So we vowed that one day, we would somehow and in some way create Yorkie House and save as many of these seniors as we could, hence the concept of  YORKIE HOUSE OF HEARTS was born!
God can dream a bigger dream for you than you could ever dream for yourself.
Success comes when you surrender to that dream. ~ Oprah
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Kit DeRoche is the President and Founder of Florida Yorkie Rescue, Inc. as well as one of the founders and Executive Director of Yorkie House of Hearts, Inc. She has owned yorkies (she claims they have all owned her) for over 35 years. She was a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in North Carolina for ten years before moving to Florida. She created Florida Yorkie Rescue in 2007 and has been in the Yorkie Rescue business for approximately ten years. Kit lives with her husband Jerry and their yorkie family. She says, "My devotion to animals is my daily focus. Nothing else seems as important."
Linda has had 40+ years as an animal welfare advocate committed to improving animal health, treatment and legislation. She coordinated and conducted a puppy mill raid in year 2000--defendants convicted. She has been an owner of an animal care facility (2001-2011).

Past board member of the Kokomo Humane Society, Hamilton County Humane Society, USA Defenders of Greyhounds, Indianapolis Humane Society Auxiliary, Cuddly Creatures Cat Club, Humane Society of Tipton County, current Board Member of Florida Yorkie Rescue and co-founder of Yorkie House.  Linda says, "My life has always revolved around animal welfare--it's in my DNA. To see Yorkie House in full swing would be the greatest accomplishment in my life!"
Linda is a retiree living with a standard poodle, toy poodle and 4 Yorkies.
Linda Worsham
Board Member/Founder
Dr. Mary Rose Bressman
Board Member/Medical Adviser